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I enjoy your tunes, but the one thing that annoys me is the fact that your tunes seem to always come back to the top of the ambient charts when there are far better tracks that get no recognition and are ignored. I know u have expressed that u dont have anything to do with the scores of your tracks, and I can appreciate your sentiments but i'm not so sure. My main problem is that I have mates on this site who's music is just as good as yours, yet they get no exposure at all. In my opinion it means that people are missing out on good music, as no-one listens to the lower placed trx on this site, only the ones that are at the top of the charts, eg:your music.
Again i want to reitterate that I am not against your music being well received, I just think that other people deserve a shout. No offence meant as I like your stuff and have regularly downloaded it, but I have listened to things with lower scores that are better, and yet they get no recognition.
This is not so much a bitch at you, but about the whole music based sysytem on this site. Btw, your cd is quality and i love the artwork, but is their any chance you could stop your minions from voting down all the other good tracks on this site. SOrry bout the essay, but I feel strongly that good music is being ignored, which pisses me off.

Gillenium responds:

Yeah, I seem to be getting a lot of these comments. If I knew who my minions were, I'd definitely talk to them! But I don't really... All this stuff is really hurting my image. I don't like it either. But yeah, I'll restate it - I don't vote people down, nor do I vote on my own songs on multiple accounts. I only vote on my songs once. If one of these "minions" is reading this now, don't vote other people down please! It's making me look bad!

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